Oktoberfest is every person’s favorite beer drinking festival.  An old age tradition in Germany, the celebration that takes sixteen days has evolved from horse race to a drinkfest. There is no better way of introducing your family to the Germany tradition other than throwing an Oktoberfest party.


If you are planning to replicate the real and original Oktoberfest, it will be advisable to host the party outdoors inside a huge tent. Fill the tent with picnic tables and cover them with colorful table clothes, basically blue and white checkered.

It is a very colorful event, so you should use Christmas lights all over the tent. Include the lights too in the ceiling, brings a majestic feel. If you are going all out, consider the colors of the Germany flag, black, red and gold in all the party decorations.


It is easy to access music in the current world. With a few coins, you can get a good Germany folk band that will play polka music all night long.  If you cannot afford a band or maybe you do not want it, create a playlist including Spotify, Pandora or YouTube of classic German Oktoberfest music. For more fun, play some pop classics into the mix for your kicks.


qwedrdsfThe most important thing in an Oktoberfest party is beer. There should be lots of beer.    If you want to be truly original, serve the beer in classic steins, these are large fancy glasses or porcelain mugs that were created specifically for this party.The party is basically about beer, so stock the event with all types of beer, such that everyone will have enough. But remember you can never have enough beer in an Oktoberfest party.


If you aiming at imitating all aspects of the cultural aspects of the Oktoberfest, serve some of the beloved Germanys food. For appetizers for example, serve soft warm pretzels bites accompanied by mustard.   If you are a good food lover, serve your guests with potato dumplings with soup, sour kraut or ox tails. Remember to have pretzel necklaces. They are very simple to make and will help your guests not to get very drunk.


Dressing a big problem to a lot of us, yes the party is well planned but what are you really going to wear? It is a good idea to encourage the guest to dress in a way that embraces the Germany culture. Ladies can put on the typical barmaid costume while males can rock with lederhosen, which is a pair of shorts with suspenders attached. If you want to have it simple, get that Germany alpine you have always wanted. No Oktoberfest is complete without it.


wedfrtsdFun is a must in every Oktoberfest party. Challenge your guests to test their strength in a stein hosting competition.  It is a game where participants stand with steins filled with water at arms link. The person who stands the longest wins the game.